Kafka Producers

In this article, we will see about Kafka producers, how producers publish data to topics and some advanced concepts of topic partition and ordering of messages.   Kafka Producers Any source system which wants to publish messages to Kafka is known as Kafka producers. Producers publish data to the topic of their choice. Producers only have to specify the name…

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Kafka topics – Create, List, Configure, Delete

In this article, we are going to look into details about Kafka topics. We will see what exactly are Kafka topics, how to create them, list them, change their configuration and if needed delete topics. Kafka topics: Let's understand basics of Kafka Topics. Topics are categories of data feed to which messages/ stream of data gets published. You can think of…

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How to install Kafka on Windows

In this article, we will learn how to install Kafka on Windows. There are a couple of options to install Kafka on Windows. One way is we can install docker on windows and then run container of Kafka in that docker. We will be installing the standalone version of Kafka on Windows. First, we need JRE (Java Runtime Environment) for…

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What is Apache Kafka?

Apache Kafka is distributed,  low latency, high throughput, fault-tolerant platform for handling different real-time data feeds. Kafka can publish and scribe streams data, store it in durable way and process it if needed. Consider a situation where you have many sources generating data and there are many target systems that need that data. As the number of sources and targets increases,…

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