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Kafka Producer and Consumer in Python

After writing consumers, producers and topics in Java, we will do same in Python with just 10% lines of code.

Kafka producer and consumer in Python
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Kafka Consumer in Java

Let us write Java code to receive data from Kafka servers i.e. Consumers. We will also look at basic configuration needed to setup Consumers.

kafka consumers written in java
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Kafka producer using Java

In this blog, we will write Java code to simulate Kafka producers. We will also understand basic configuration details for producers.

Kafka Producers with java
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Create and list Kafka topics in Java

We have created Kafka topics using command line. Let us write Java programs to manage Kafka Topics.

Manage Kafka topics with Java
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Kafka consumers

Kafka consumers are one which receives data from Kafka server. Consumer groups can help process data in parallel. Let us take a look at Kafka Consumers.

Kafka consumers in shell
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Kafka Producers

Kafka Producers are one which feeds data to Kafka server. Let us understand how do Kafka Producers work?

Kafka producers in shell
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Kafka topics - Create, List, Configure, Delete

Topics are core component of Kafka. Let us explore what are Topics and how to create, configure, List and Delete Kafka topics.

Apache Kafka - Manage topics with Shell
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How to install Kafka on Windows

Installing Kafka on windows is little tricky. Let me show you how to do it easily.

Install Kafka on Windows
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What is Apache Kafka?

Apache Kafka is high throughput, distributed streaming platform. Let us understand architecture and various components of Apache Kafka.

what is Apache kafka
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