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MSCK Repair - Fixing Partitions in Hive Table

We will learn how to add multiple partitions to hive table using msck repair table command in hive.

msck repair hive
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Inserting Data In Hive Partitioned tables

In this blog, we will learn how to insert data in partitions in hive table. We will write queries to insert data in static as well as dynamic partitions.

inserting data to hive partition
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Bucketing in Hive

With Bucketing in Hive, we can group similar kinds of data and write it to one single file. This allows better performance while reading data & when joining two tables.

bucketing in hive
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Alter Table Partitions in Hive

We have created partitioned tables, inserted data into them. Now, we will learn how to drop some partition or add a new partition to the table in hive.

altering hive table partition
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Static vs Dynamic Partitioning in Hive

Hive supports Static and Dynamic Partitions. Let us understand what is difference between them and their use cases.

static vs dynamic
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Partitioning in Hive

Using Partitioning, We can increase hive query performance. But if we do not choose partitioning column correctly it can create small file issue.

Partitioning in Hive
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Hive Data Manipulation - Loading Data to Hive Tables

We will learn how to load and populate data to hive table. We will also learn how to copy data to hive tables from local system.

Loading Data to Hive Tables
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Create, Alter, Delete Tables in Hive

We will learn how to create Hive tables, also altering table columns, adding comments and table properties and deleting Hive tables.

manage tables in hive -2
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Creating Database in Hive

We will learn how to create databases in Hive with simple operations like listing database, setting database location in HDFS & deleting database.

Create Database in Hive
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Data Types in Hive

Hive supports multiple data types like SQL. On top of that, there are multiple complex data types in hive which makes it easy to process data in Hive.

Hive data types
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External Vs Internal(Managed) Tables in Hive

Hive has two types of tables, external and managed. In this blog, we will learn about them and decide which use case is suitable for each table.

external vs Managed tables in Hive
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Pivot rows to columns in Hive

There are multiple use cases when we need to transpose/pivot table and Hive does not provide us with easy function to do so. Let me show you workaround for how to pivot table in hive.

pivot table - Transpose rows to columns in Hive
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