Bucketing in Hive

With Bucketing in Hive, we can group similar kinds of data and write it to one single file. This allows better performance while reading data & when joining two tables.

bucketing in hive

Partitioning in Hive

Using Partitioning, We can increase hive query performance. But if we do not choose partitioning column correctly it can create small file issue.

Partitioning in Hive

Data Types in Hive

Hive supports multiple data types like SQL. On top of that, there are multiple complex data types in hive which makes it easy to process data in Hive.

Hive data types

Pivot rows to columns in Hive

There are multiple use cases when we need to transpose/pivot table and Hive does not provide us with easy function to do so. Let me show you workaround for how to pivot table in hive.

pivot table - Transpose rows to columns in Hive