Hello Everyone, it is a pleasure to be in touch with you.

I am Mahesh Mogal. I consider myself as forever student. I like to explore new technologies. Currently, I am working with machine learning and big data analytics. It is my passion to understand data and find interesting insights from it.  It is very amusing to me that with the understanding of past data and current trends,  how to predict with a certain degree of accuracy.

I have experience in working with big data technologies like Hive, Spark, and Sqoop. Recently I have started working on Kafka and Spark Streaming.

While I am learning the vast field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, I want to share my experience with you. This will help me understand these concepts thoroughly.  I also want to help someone trying to learn nuances of big data and machine learning.

I am putting a lot of efforts to make these contents. It will be great if you give me your feedback. It will help me write better content and make me keep going.

Thanks for your time and support.

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