Kafka Producer and Consumer in Python

Till now we have seen basics of Apache Kafka and created Producer and Consumer using Java. In this tutorial, we are going to build Kafka Producer and Consumer in Python. Along with that, we are going to learn about how to set up configurations and how to use group and offset concepts in Kafka. Set up We should have python…

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Kafka Consumer in Java

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to build simple Kafka Consumer in Java. We will understand properties that we need to set while creating Consumer and how to handle topic offset to read messages from the beginning of topic or just latest messages. Prerequisite For building Kafka Consumer, We need to have one or more topic present…

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Kafka producer using Java

In this article, we will learn how to write Kafka producer in Java language. We will create test topic then we will build our producer and set its properties. After that, we will start sending messages to that producer. We will also see how we can use Keys to send messages to the same partition in particular topic. Creating topic…

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Create and list Kafka topics in Java

We have seen how to create, list and manage topics using Kafka console. Kafka console is good for practice and testing your code. But in production, we will need to use some API to interact with Apache Kafka. So, we will explore how to use Java and Python API with Apache Kafka. In this article, We will learn to Create and…

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Kafka consumers

In this article, we will learn about Kafka consumers, offsets while reading data and consumer groups. We will also see how to start consumer from Kafka console.   Kafka consumers Consumers read messages from topics. They only have to provide the topic name and one broket to connect to and Kafka will take care of pulling right data from right…

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