Hello everyone, in this article, we will quickly see how to install Java on windows machine.

First, we need to download java. You can go to Oracle.com and get latest java version for windows. You can choose 32-bit or 64-bit version depending upon your windows OS.

Once the download is finished, click executable java installation file, and follow steps given in that installation process. You can keep most of the things by default and complete the process.

Now we need to setup java home for our environment so that any process can access java runtime environment.  For that open system environment variable dialog box by doing (for Windows 10) Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings ->Environmentt Variables

In user variables section hit New button and type JAVA_HOME in variable name and give path of java installation for variable value. You can also browse to that path from browse button while adding a new variable. Click ok to add this variable.




Now search path variable in system variables and edit that variable. Click on New button and add “%JAVA_HOME%\bin” in path variable. This will set up JAVA_HOME in your system environment.




To confirm Java is installed correctly or not you can open command prompt and type “java -version”. If everything is correct then you will get following output.


If you do not get output like this you need to recheck all steps and select proper java version for your os and setting up Environment Variables.

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