Date Difference functions in Spark

We may have a use case where we need to find a difference between dates or find a date after or before “x” days from a given date. For such use cases, the spark has provided a rich list of functions to easily solve these problems. we are going over such functions in this blog.

date_add – Date After x Days

Say we ant to get date after 7 days from today, we can get using spark function date_add

date_sub – Date Before x Days

similarly, we can use date_sub function to find a date before x days from the given date.

add_months – Adding Months to Date

We can add months to date using add_months function.

We can see that, this function has added 3 months to our date and showing us final result.

date_diff – Finding Difference Between Dates in Days

We may need to find a difference between two days. For such a use case, we can use date_diff function, which accepts 2 arguments and return as difference between first date and second date.

Difference between two dates using date_diff

months_between – Months between Dates

Though in most cases we need to find the difference between dates in days, Spark has also provided us function to find the difference of months in two dates.


We have gone through many useful functions to find the difference between dates and finding date after certain days. I hope you found this useful.

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