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Creating Database in Hive

We will learn how to create databases in Hive with simple operations like listing database, setting database location in HDFS & deleting database.

Create Database in Hive
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Data Types in Hive

Hive supports multiple data types like SQL. On top of that, there are multiple complex data types in hive which makes it easy to process data in Hive.

Hive data types
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External Vs Internal(Managed) Tables in Hive

Hive has two types of tables, external and managed. In this blog, we will learn about them and decide which use case is suitable for each table.

external vs Managed tables in Hive
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Set, Get and Delete AWS S3 bucket policies

In this blog, we are going to learn how to get, put and delete S3 bucket policies suing S3 Console as well as programmatically using AWS CLI & Python

Manage S3 Bucket Polices
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IAM Policies VS S3 Policies VS S3 Bucket ACLs - What should be used?

You can manage S3 permission using IAM policy or S3 Policy or S3 ACLs. We will understand the difference between them and use cases for each way.

iam policy vs s3 policy vs s3 acls
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Create S3 bucket using AWS CLI and Python Boto3

In this blog, we are going to learn how to create an S3 bucket using AWS CLI, Python Boto3 and S3 management console.

Create S3 bucket
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List S3 buckets using Python, AWS CLI

In this blog, we will learn how to list down all buckets in the AWS account using Python & AWS CLI. We will learn how to filter buckets using tags.

Listing S3 buckets using Python & CLI
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Different ways to configure credentials with boto3

In this blog, we will learn different ways to configure AWS credentials with Boto3 and how to use AWS CLI profiles with boto3.

AWS CLI profiles with Boto3
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Create Billing Alarm in AWS

AWS offers numerous services and resources. It has so many features available to make it a complete cloud platform. But with such diverse options, there are many chances to make a small mistake and generate unexpected bills. There is one way to protect ourselves from this, using cloudwatch and setting up billing alarm. No matter […]

Billing Alarm in AWS
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Manage IAM Groups using Python and AWS CLI

IAM groups are logical way to keep GROUP users so that you can manage user permissions easily. Let us write python code and check out CLI commands to manage IAM groups.

managing iam groups using python and aws cli
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Manage IAM policies using Python boto3 and AWS CLI

IAM Policies is a way to manage permissions for Groups, Users and Roles in AWS. In this blog, we will write code to create, update and delete policies using Python and AWS CLI

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Managing AWS IAM Users with Python and boto3

Using AWS IAM we can create multiple users with a different access level to AWS resources. It is best practice to grant users the least required access. In this blog, we will write python scripts to manage AWS IAM users.

AWS IAM with Python
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